Translating Your Soul Purpose Into A Business

You’ll learn: 

Tapping into the truest essences of you

Connecting to Source to pull your authentic message through

Honouring and obeying your Soul Purpose 

Translating that purpose into something tangible & relatable that pulls other Souls forward into your orbit

Daily spiritual & connection practices

Deepening your faith & trust in yourself, in Source, and in Money.

Adding Instant Cash Flow To Your Business

You’ll learn: 

How to add financial depth to your current business model. 

Understand lots of different business strategy options for creating automated incomes, passives incomes, funnel flow, live selling, daily selling, sacred selling, the Aquarian way of selling and making money.

How to sell unapologetically 

Doing less and earning more.

Self Liquidating Offers to Build An Audience of Buyers

You’ll learn: 

The benefits of a SLO funnel 

How to set up your own SLO funnel 

Different strategies for driving traffic to your funnel

Getting Clarity on Your Service & Structuring Your Offers

You’ll learn: 

Looking at the key elements of your messaging

Writing your sales pieces

Creating your sales pages (if appropriate to you)

Pricing – what to charge, how to charge, different layers to your price points and financial up level opportunities with every product & service you offer.

Crafting Your Copy

You’ll learn: 

Why you don’t need to be a writer to create strong copy 

Frameworks for writing a compelling sales page

The magic of asking “why” 

Making sure your authenticity shines through 

When the details don’t matter and when they do 

Creating a writing ritual

Quantum Leaping

You’ll learn: 

Mindset practices and inner work required for quantum leaps 

Spiritual practices for creating your unique quantum leap process 

Tapping even deeper into who you are and what you actually want