The Foundations

Adding Financial Depth & The Energetics & Frequency of Selling in the Aquarian Age

Connecting to the deepest parts of yourself

Artwork by Ebonie Allard

The Science of Ebb & Flow, anchoring in your Faith, and Realising Your Soul Vision

The Success Mindset Meshed with the Energy Bodies

The Energy Body Overview

Manifestation Meditation Using The Energy Bodies

Spiritual, Energetic & Emotional Boundaries in Life, Money, Relationships & Business

The Money Codes

Money Consciousness Method Launch DeBrief

Making Money Whilst Not Being Fully Tuned In To U

Collapsing Time

Lack Goals Around Money, Tri- Archetype Identity, Trigger Timeline Reveral & Death Descent Work

Occupying The Space Meant For You

The year of 6 & the potent path for money

Embodying the Energy Body wisdom into knowing rather than knowledge

Energy Body Pairings- 1&9

Pelvic Floor Magic for Energy Body 2, Receiving & Rejecting. Mat. Leave Mindsets & global affairs

Energy Body Crash Course

Consistent Selling, The New Launch Strategy & Ditching Conversions